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EBC: Cicero -Application Sheet- by Jackie-GR EBC: Cicero -Application Sheet- by Jackie-GR


Name: Cicero 
Nicknamed: "Cice", "Cici"

Age: 6 years 
Starting age: 1 ½ years
Note: Aged real-time

:bulletorange: Fire Empire Gladiator :bulletorange:
Former member of the Assassin Squad
---Member of the secret group Chimera


Species: African Serval (Leptailurus serval)

Physical appearance: Cicero is quite tall, above average for a serval, measuring 32 in (81 cm). He's fast, flexible and strong. His neck hair is long and scruffy, and he has a light colored hair tuft. His eyebrows are long, and despite his young age, his eyes tend to have a "tired" look to them as a result of stress and trauma. 

Scars: The scar on Cicero's shoulder is from a battle in the coliseums. The hair did not grow back, and the skin is therefore exposed. The small scar on his left front leg happened when he accidentally cut himself on a sharp rock while running. The scar on his right flank is from the raid on the Fire Empire, where he fought a Bounty Hunter named Erik, who gave him the wound- but it was a Hunter named Ikean who ensured that it scarred.  


Dominant: Serval spots [AA]; white ear dots [Aa]; large ears [AA]

Recessive: Blue eyes [aa]; lighter colored paws [aa]; dark tail tip [aa]

Carrier: Two toned pelt [Aa] dark hair tuft [Aa] 


Cicero suffers from something similar to PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). The reason behind this is the fact that he was taken away from his mother too early, and the solitude and terrors of the coliseums. This has made him slightly unstable. Certain situations that make him feel the way he did in the coliseums can drive him into a frenzy. He is not himself in these moments, and can not be reasoned with until he snaps out of it. He goes into a state of mad rage and pure panic, and can attack the cat who triggered it. Cicero's worst fear has always been to attack and harm someone unintentionally, and he therefore avoid situation he feels can trigger it. This is a part of him that will hopefully go away with the help of time. 

In battle

A state of frenzy like described above, is something that will most likely happen during a battle, because it's a typical situation that would act as a trigger. This would be both a good thing and a bad thing. Cicero would attack his opponent without holding back and without thinking of the consequences. He would therefore not back off easily at all, and he would not let rationalization get in his way. This might also be dangerous though, seeing as he theoretically might attack a lion or tiger and end up getting badly hurt himself. 


{ H E S I T A N T } { D O C I L E } { S E N S I T I V E } { F E A R L E S S } { P O L I T E } { G E N T L E }

{ M E E K }

At age 1 - 3 years

"No, I'm fine.. I'm sorry I bothered you! I... I'll get out of your way..."
Cicero is very insecure. He has never been proud of himself in any way. He failed in his day as a coliseum fighter and never had anyone to give him acknowledges or compliments. Cicero is a bit quiet, and most often speaks when spoken to.

At age 3 - 3 ½ years 

Cicero is still insecure and keeps to himself if no one approaches him. He doesn't have that many friends, but is happy about the conversations he has had with the other Empire cats. He feels a little bit better about himself now that he has matured.


{ H E S I T A N T }

“Me? Oh, um... I guess I’d go right, because-“

Because Cicero has gotten good friends, become a better fighter and acknowledgement from several cats, his leader included, he’s finally starting to realize that he means something to those around him, and he therefore feels better about himself. Still, the insecurity is still there and he’s usually not the one who speaks up, talks first or interrupts. He still doesn’t want to be a burden or intrude. 

{ D O C I L E }
"Of course. No, it's not a problem- I'll do it right away"
Cicero is willing to learn, train and follow someone's lead. Following orders is something that's very natural to him now, and he doesn't have a problem with it. He is not he type to take who would protest when given orders, but rather keep his opinions to himself and do what he's told. He isn't a leader-type by nature- he can do it if he has the experience needed in that situation, but usually Cicero is the type that doesn't lead but is led. And he is comfortable with that.

{ S E N S I T I V E} 

"Did I say something wrong?"

Cicero thinks a lot, and may at times overthink things. He picks up on looks from others around him and comments they make. He can't brush off stuff easily once it's on his mind. He notices details quickly, and always sees two sides of a case. He has some issues with making decisions, so he prefer other's doing it for him. He has the ability to feel deeply about different things and has empathy for those around him, and will be highly concerned if something is wrong.


{ F E A R L E S S }  

"What do you need me to do? Yes, anything!"
Having very few fears, Cicero is very brave. He generally doesn’t fear either death or pain. He got used to the thought of death and learned to ignore the pain in his days as a coliseum fighter. He is not a daredevil of showoff, and doesn’t do dangerous things unless he feels like he has to. Being as fearless as he is, is of great use in battles. He will go on as long as his legs can carry him.

{ P O L I T E } 
"It's nice to meet you." 
Cicero is very polite, and even though he is not sure about how to act sometimes or what to say in certain situations, he always tries to be and sound as friendly as possible. He does not want a cat to be uncomfortable around him, so he always tries to be as polite as he can. 

{ G E N T L E }

At age 1 - 3 years
"It's going to be alright, I promise. I'm always here if you need me."
Apart from his rare aggressive outbursts, Cicero is very gentle. He has much love inside of him. Cicero is a people pleaser, and will do his very best to keep the cats around him happy. Due to his lack of social skills, Cicero can sometimes be a bit naïve. He trusts too easily, making it easier for people to use him. He puts others’ needs in front of his own. All he wants is acceptance.

At 3 – 3 ½ years

Cicero still hasn't quite found his place in the Fire Empire, even though he has been there for quite a while now. He loves to help and to feel wanted by the other cats. His lonely past still has a great impact on him and he still feels new to things like friendship and acquaintances. Even though he still would go through fire and ice for his empire and the cats in it, a small part of Cicero is slowly getting more and more used to the thought of more or less live in solitude. This is simply because his social life hasn't improved much and he is too shy to do something himself. He is still very gentle and caring though, and if given the chance, he would be the most loyal, kind and gentle friend, mate or even father.


Cicero cares a lot about his friends and is always there for them if they need him. He’s always there to listen to them and help them in any way he can. He still tends to put other’s needs in front of his own. He’s very patient with cubs and never gets bored of listening them or gets irritated by them climbing on him and stuff like that,


Other traits

{ G U L L I B L E }

Intelligence is not Cicero’s strong suit. He doesn’t really pick up on sarcasm and should anyone make a joke- while acting serious, he most likely won’t understand that the cat is in fact joking. In battles, tricks and deceptions have a tendency to work on him, because he doesn’t know, or often assume, that he’s being tricked. Still, Cicero learns from experience and doesn’t fall for the same trick twice.


{ S U S P I C I O U S }
---- Note: This will grow over time. The more he’s fooled, the more suspicious he becomes.

Cicero doesn’t like being made a fool of, and he tries his best to avoid it from happening again. There’s nothing wrong with his memory, and should he stumble upon similar situations, he’ll be suspicious, borderline untrusting- depending on the seriousness of the situation. If a previous experience has given him a reason to be suspicious, then he will rely on the experience rather than his instincts.

--- Example
: During the Fire Raid, he met two Hunters pretending to be escapees. Next time he goes into the woods and find an actual escapee, he’ll be really suspicious and assume the worst. 

{ S K I L L F U L }

After training as an assassin, Cicero has gotten more determined and more fierce. Although he still hesitates and have doubts in social settings, he's grown confident as a gladiator. Not only has he gotten to learn the theory, he's also used his skills, giving him experience as well. He's confident in his abilities as a graduated assassin and believes he's learned the necessary skills to do well in battle. 

Battle experience

The coliseums
Pre-RP story

Cicero fought in the coliseums at a young age, before he came to the Fire Empire. He only barely survived, and he was rescued by his owners more than once. 

Pallis' mini raid on Fire
From RP

Fought Bounty Hunters Ikean and Pallis with Sohnii in the forest of the Fire Empire. 

Juno's Raid on Fire
From RP

Cicero was sent to the forest with two others to find the source of the sound that had alarmed the Camp. They found two Hunters pretending to be escapees, and they ultimately attacked. Cicero fought Erik before Shadow came to his aid. He returned to camp to help and yet again fought Ikean, who had become an Elite sice last time. 

The War in Massilia
From RP

Cicero was at this point a trained assassin and was made leader of Legion I, who were the first to approach the gates. He fought several Hunters that night, with the main goal being to keep them away, so they could move forward to the prisons.

Gatherings attended

The Last Full Moon 
February 48 BC

--- Where Abiola's pelt was returned by Sceaden. Last Gathering with Soren as Leader.  

The First New Moon Gathering 
April 47 BC

--- A year later. Andromeda's first Gathering as the new Leader of the Fire Empire. Cold Order announced. 

May 47 BC

August 47 BC

--- Cicero is given Emil as his apprentice

Emergency Gathering
January 4th 46 BC

--- The Empires decide to go to war. 

November 4th 46 BC

--- First Gathering after the War. Stone Empire is announced. Hazel becomes Cicero's apprentice. Andromedas last Gathering as Fire Empire's Leader.  

June 45 BC

--- Mirum's first Gathering as a Leader. Sohnii is made Silver and Hazel is promoted. 

March 44 BC

 ---Shadow and Fire become allies


The coliseums 

Cicero was born in Massilia on October 10th 50 BC. Unlike many of his fellow Empire cats, Cicero’s owners were not wealthy. He was stolen from a breeder and taken away from his mother at very young age. He never received proper training and he never got an armor. But, he was, without preparations, thrown into the coliseum and fought cats that where both bigger and better than him. His battles were never about winning, losing or tactics: It was about survival. The young serval was a poor fighter, and was both knocked out and badly wounded after the battles. His owners had the them stopped before he was killed.

After months with battles like these, Cicero was tired, weak and mentally exhausted. In May 49 BC, at 7 months of age, he decided to escape. He knew he wasn’t going to survive much longer if he stayed. When one of his owners was coming to get him, Cicero bit his hand and ran out an open door as fast he as he could. Terrified of getting caught, he ran until his legs failed him. 

---> TL;DR: Taken away from mother and forced to fight. It almost killed him, but he escaped at 7 months. 

Joining the Fire Empire

After being on his own, not knowing where he was, Cicero was found by a patrol from the Fire Empire. He was in a poor condition and received treatment from the healer. He became an official member of the Empires in June. After being let into the Empire, Cicero eventually got an armor from the blacksmith. His previous experience in battle made him a quick learner and it did not take him long to learn the skills he needed. Prior to joining, Cicero had never heard of the Empires at all.

Cicero's first year in Fire Empire was a quiet one, and the Empire was affected by the Hunter's attack on the Lightning Empire. It was dark times, and Cicero kept to himself most of the time. He tried his best to fit in and not to stand out. He did what was asked of him. He was present at the Last Full Moon gathering, which was when he first, fully understood just how dangerous the Bounty Hunters are and why they're the enemy. His personal resentment and bitterness towards the Hunters began when they killed Soren, the cat Cicero respected the most. Not only did he feel he owed the Fire Empire everything, but Soren personally.  

---> TL;DR: Found my patrol, received training. His first year was quiet. Attended the Last Full Moon Gathering. 

The Cold Era

At the First New Moon Gathering, Andromeda made an announcement, a decree know later known as the Cold Order. Even though Soren and Andromeda were different in many ways, Cicero respected them both equally. The serval was therefore a silent supporter of this new order, due to his belief that his leader knows best. The serval was still eager to serve his Empire in any way he could, still grateful for the home Fire Empire had become to him. Cicero's first apprentice disappeared shortly after he was appointed to him, something that made the gladiator feel like he had failed his so far most important task. Trouble with his job as a mentor was, however, what led him to meet Zeus, a cheetah who would ultimately end up becoming his best friend. 

When Cicero was walking in the territory one day, he and  Zeus' apprentice Sohnii, were attacked by two Bounty Hunters. Pallis and Ikean had attacked them when they least expected it. Cicero learned a valuable lesson that day. This also was one of his motivations when he accepted a position in the Assassin Squad. Cicero did not let the fact that they would be killing, stop him from joining. He needed to give something back to his Empire, and he trusted Andromeda's judgment, without asking questions. He had few personal motivations, and he had not yet learned to hate the Hunters. But was he angry at this point? Yes, he was.

Andromeda was harsh in the beginning of the training, something that was shocking to the serval. She would yell insults at him and he took it personally. Cicero didn't think he had what it took and nearly broke down the first few weeks of the training. Luckily, Andromeda became more encouraging as the time went. The serval started believing in himself more and more, and eventually stopped letting the harsh words get to him. He became increasingly better and eventually his insecurity in the battle field disappeared slowly, but surely. He became more fierce and determined than he had ever been before.

Zeus and Acacia had three cubs; two girls and one boy, and he was allowed to see them right after they were born. This meant a lot to Cicero, and being an uncle was more than he'd ever hoped for. When not training, he would frequently visit the cheetah family. 

Suferue was one of the assassins, and she and Cicero spoke on occasion. Cicero found himself attracted to her, and they promised they would have each other's backs during the war. As the months passed, Suferue eventually became Cicero's first crush. Shortly before the war, she and Ajax made it official, something that disappointed the serval. 

---> TL;DR: Became best friends with Zeus, was attacked by Ikean and Pallis while hunting with Sohnii, became an assassin; something that made him more determined than before and had a crush on Suferue.  

The War

Cicero was made leader of Legion I, who were the first to approach the gates of Massilia. On the city wall, Orcus appeared and attempted to distract the assassins. He revealed the secret relationship between Nedria and Soren, something Cicero first dismissed as a lie. He couldn’t believe that his former leader Soren would break the Empire code like that. After Valon’s rotted body was thrown down, the Legion was attacked by the Hunters. Someone had warned the Hunters they were coming, and so the assassins were outnumbered.

Shadow and Suferue made their way inside the city and Cicero followed them as soon as he could. Inside the city, they got closer to the prisons. A group of escapees met them and outside the walls, Kallisto from the Fire Empire and Kouga from the Ice Empire, told the assassins that the Fire Empire was being attacked. Suferue decided to rush back home and help.

Cicero stayed with Shadow and the rest of his Legion. They yet again made their way towards the city and to the prisons. There, Cicero found a serval dead on the ground. Looking at the body, Cicero noticed a striking resemblance between this serval and his own mother. He then realized, no doubt, that they were related. The deceased serval’s young age, thus served as proof that Cicero’s mother no doubt had been alive only a few months prior to the war.

The rest of the assassins eventually made it back home, and Cicero was worried about his family, friends and Suferue. Once there, he was relieved to find Suferue alive- but that relief was shortly followed by grief. Cicero came home to find his apprentice Emil had been killed as well as his friend Acacia. He also found out that Zuri and Minerva had been captured.


The aftermath

The War in Massilia left the Fire Empire devastated. No one had predicted that the war would’ve brought so much loss. Cicero’s best friend went into a deep depression because of his mate Acacia’s death, and their cubs mourned the loss of their mother. Cicero tried to comfort them the best he could, but he felt helpless, knowing there was nothing he could do.

Cicero became bitter and for the first time in his life, he resented his Leader. The Hunters weren’t supposed to have come to the camp, and the losses weren’t supposed to have happened there. Cicero felt like he had been fooled. He had agreed to train to become an assassin, and go to Massilia, thinking that would be the best way to protect the other cats staying behind. Instead, the exact opposite had happened. Most of the assassins had survived and many cats in the Fire Empire camp had died.  He had blindly trusted Andromeda’s judgement, something that had been a mistake.

Laertes announced that he had founded a new Empire, and he welcomed cats to join him at the first Gathering after the war. Cicero was mad at him for abandoning the mission in Massilia, when they were outnumbered by the hunters. But his anger grew into hatred once his niece Aphrodite, decided to join him right there during the Gathering. Cicero tried his best to stop her, but ultimately failed. He, and the other assassins, had been told that Laertes had killed three Bounty Hunter tribunes in Massilia and so Cicero feared for Aphrodite’s life.  

Because of everything that had happened, Cicero did not think twice when Suferue asked him to join her secret group called Chimera, whose sole purpose was to free captured cats- using different strategies than their leader had during the war. This meant going behind Andromeda’s back, and even though Cicero at times felt conflicted, he felt a stronger need to protect his friends and family than to be 100% loyal to his leader.

He also, without permission, went to the Stone Empire. He would use his stealth to get as close as he could, making sure that Aphrodite was still alive.

Andromeda apologized to Cicero for her behavior and thanked him for his hard work and loyalty, something that meant a lot to him, despite everything that had happened. 

The Spring of Recovery

Cicero was given a new apprentice, Hazel. He had always been fond of her as a cub, because of her kind and caring demeanor. Still, the serval was upset for losing his last apprentice Emil. Even though he had been a gladiator for over three years, he had yet to experience having an apprentice making it through the training.

He couldn’t help but admire Hazel for how hard she worked and how she kept on going, even though she had a disability. Cicero enjoyed training her and was incredibly proud when her completion of the training was announced at the June Gathering.


Training, Mentors and Apprentices

Past Mentor(s): Andromeda (Assassin training)

Current Apprentice: None atm.  

Past Apprentices: Niam  (Training was never completed), Emil (Training was never completed),  

Other facts

Quirks and other traits

- Cicero dreams about meeting his mother again. He loves her so much and he believes she is alive somewhere. It kills him to know that she might still be alone in Massilia. 

- Cicero is more comfortable around bigger cats rather than those who are smaller than him. The reason for this is that larger cats have a bigger chance of winning against him and knock him out, should he ever attack them as a result of his disorder.

- Cicero loves the forests of the Fire Empire. He often goes for long walks and hunts, when not given tasks by Andromeda. 

- As a trained assassin, Cicero would kill without hesitating. However, he would refuse to kill cubs and young, inexperienced apprentices. Even if it was an order. 



Creation and development

- Cicero's personality was inspired by Edward Scissorhands.

- In every update I've done so far; I've removed one or more exact markings, thus simplifying the design.

- His original design was very different and included a two-toned pelt and cheek stripes.

- He was almost killed off in January 2014.

- Cicero joining the Fire Empire was never announced at any Gathering. 

Family & Relations

Mate: None 
Crush: None atm.
           Suferue (formerly)

Family linage:

Paternal grandfather | Serval | Alive

Paternal grandmother | Serval | Alive

Female serval
Mother | Serval | Unknown (NB! Known to have been alive six months before the war in Massilia) 

Male serval 
Father | Serval | Life status unknown 

Paternal uncle | Serval | Bounty Hunter| Alive

Paternal uncle | Serval | Elite Bounty Hunter (TRD) | Alive

Paternal uncle | Serval | Bounty Hunter Apprentice | Alive

Paternal uncle | Serval | Bounty Hunter Apprentice | Alive

Paternal aunt | Serval | Bounty Hunter Apprentice (TRD) | Alive

Paternal aunt | Serval | Bounty Hunter Apprentice (TRD) | Alive

Siblings | Servals | Life statuses unknown

Maternal half-brother | Serval | Dead (killed during the war in Massilia) 

Adoptive family

Niece | Cheetah | Fire Empire apprentice | Alive

Nephew | Cheetah | Fire Empire gladiator | Alive

Niece | Cheetah | Stone Empire apprentice | Unknown


---Relationships can be found here!

- Wanted Status -

Cicero is wanted for Escaping his Masters, Destruction of Property and for being a Feline of Interest.

He is a former coliseum fighter who escaped, has participated in caravan raids, and he was an important participant in the biggest city raid yet on Massilia. His legion released cats from they captivity. He is a member of the controversial Assassin Squad. 
These offences and his training make him the ultimate threat and is considered highly dangerous.

Total Bounty of 650 Silver Denarii

----To be captured alive if possible, but wanted either dead or alive.

Plots and Empire Statistics:



Empire Statistics:

Empire Points: 222 EP
Empire points in use: 44 out of 50

Stealth: 7
Intelligence: 3
Strength: 6
Defense: 8
Speed: 10
Stamina: 10

Strength: Speed and stamina
Weakness: Physical strength
--- After becoming an assassin, Cicero has gotten more muscles and is stronger than before. His main disadvantage in battles now is his size.  

Cicero's EP tracker

Cicero (c) Jackie-GR 2012 – 2017

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